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The current COVID-19 crisis has greatly accelerated the need for modernisation and digital transformation of education and training systems across Europe. At the same time the pressure on teachers to master a number of new skills and accustom to online teaching, while at the same time deliver high quality inclusive education is tremendous. This creates a lot of preconditions for further increase of the high number of educators exposed to extreme stress and potential burnout. Supporting school teachers in managing stress levels at work may contribute to strengthening their profile, recruitment and professional development of educators, but most of all to their retention. Having skills and competences to manage stress, can also having a strong impact on pupils’ well-being.

This project is aimed to design, develop and test a school teacher resilience toolkit to equip educators with efficient strategies on how to prevent and handle burnout, as well as foster mental and health well-being. Our approach suggests that the change should start from inside-out, hence, the focus of our work is on developing teachers’ skills and competences to manage stress. The project’s main target groups are Secondary teachers. Teachers teaching at this schooling level are reporting highest levels of stress. This is mainly due to the ambitious curriculum, they strive for high attainment levels among students, the specifics of the learners‘ age group and the complexity of the taught material. Teacher resilience project is with a duration of two years: March 2021 – August 2022.

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BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH- Austria