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Syndicate "Education" Podkrepa

Syndicate “Education” is part of the Labour Confederation “Podkrepa” which is a member of the European Trade Union Committee of Education together with 132 teacher syndicates across Europe, and of Education International – the largest international teacher organization. Syndicate “Education” Podkrepa was founded in December 1989, immediately after the democratic changes in Bulgaria and aims at protecting the rights, dignity and professional interests of the Bulgarian teachers. The Syndicate works closely with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy regarding changes in the current education policy and takes part in policy development. It has established itself as a corrective of state education policy and has gained a worthy place in the country's political and social life.

Currently, Syndicate “Education” has 20 000 teachers who are members of the Syndicate. The Syndicate represents its members among employers, authorities and bodies of the state administration, as well as to public organizations and institutions. Syndicate “Education” also works strongly for the capacity building of teachers on national level by organizing and conducting trainings on 55 topics approved by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria. Syndicate “Education” operates on the territory of the country and abroad, where the local legislation allows this activity. There are 35 regional structures in all major cities in Bulgaria.

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH

BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH provides continuous training, vocational qualification and career services for young (+16) individuals and adults. The institute has its headquarters in Vienna and operates branches in the Vienna region for up to 15,000 learners per year with some 200 staff members. It is a certified provider of the ECDL European Computer Driving Licence, EBCL European Business Competence Licence and ECo-C European Communication Certificate, and offers respective training and exams and is an official CERTNÖ Training Centre certified by Danube University Krems and approved by the Lower Austria Government.

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DEKAPLUS Business Services Ltd

DEKAPLUS Business Services Ltd is a leading management systems consultancy and a vocational education centre in Cyprus. Established in 2006, DEKAPLUS develops and manages systems to support quality, food safety, health & safety, data protection, and waste treatment across Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East.

Management systems consulting represents the spearhead of DEKAPLUS’ services. Hundreds of certified systems are being supported, across all economic sectors. The company’s clients operate within a number of sectors including hospitality, retail, leisure, manufacturing and education.

DEKAPLUS partners with its clients to ensure their businesses meet regulatory requirements, whilst helping them to streamline management processes, reduce risk and operational costs.

DEKAPLUS also maintains a vocational training centre where courses in hospitality and management are delivered in a flexible environment, leading to professional accreditations. From aspiring managers to experienced coaches and consultants, our hands-on programmes have proven invaluable to a vast range of individuals.

Lastly, DEKAPLUS has been participating and coordinating EU and national projects which relate to entrepreneurship since 2010. As far as EU programmes, the company is primarily engaged in projects under Erasmus+ and COSME.


The High School "Institute Girolamo Caruso" is located in the area of the province of Trapani, in an urban expansion area of the city of Alcamo. Alcamo is a town in a strategic location because it is in the mid way between Trapani and Palermo and so it is also near to the main airports, which are “Birgi” and “Falcone Borsellino”. Our organisation is the head of the CTRH network of schools and of the Observatory for legality, set up in the school year 2013/2014 whose tasks are to check and study the phenomenon of school drop-out. The Institute shares with local schools the educational initiatives of inclusiveness and it has organised for several years training sessions involving local, national and international institutions by organizing seminars for thematic analysis and in particular for innovative and experimental teaching methods.

The school addresses of education are the following ones: